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Wednesday 29 May 2024  
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Ali - may Allah be pleased with him - can help no one after his death

Does Ali - may Allah be pleased with him- help anyone in times of calamities?

Ali, may Allah be pleased with, was killed without being aware of his assassin's scheme, nor was he able to protect himself from it .How then could it then be alleged that he can ward off calamities from others after his death, when he could ward off from himself when he was alive? He who believes that Ali or any dead person can extend a benefit to others, or help them obtain it, or ward off evil from them is a Mushrik, because these things are restricted to Allah, Glorious is He. Therefore, whoever believes that a creature can do that and he seeks his help, then he takes such one for God, Allah the Exalted , says : {And if Allah inflicts harm on you there is none who can remove it except He, And if He intends to do good for you, there is none to repel His Bounty. He makes it reach whomsoever of his slaves he wills. He is Forgiving, the Merciful}Surah Yunus, ayat 107

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts

Fatwa Islamiyah page 28 Vol 1
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