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Sunday 26 March 2023  
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Women cutting hair out of necessity

What is the ruling for a woman who cuts her hair out of necessity, for example in Britain the women believe (Yareen) that washing thick hair is hard upon them in the cold weather. For that reason they cut their hair.

If the affair is how you have mentioned, it is permissible for them to cut their hair according to the extent of their need. As for cutting the hair to resemble the Kaafiraat then it is not permissible due to the saying of the Prophet of Allaah “Whoever resembles a people then he is from them”.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts
Fataawa Mar’atul Muslimah Pg. 517 (Daar al-Ghad al-Jadeed)
Translated by Umm Ibraheem Bint Ameen
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