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Sunday 14 April 2024  
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Washing the front and back passages when making Istinjaa

When making Istinjaa for Salah, is it necessary to wash the front and back passages, or is it sufficient to wash the front passage only?

It is incumbent to wash the back and front passages if something from faeces and urine exits them. If nothing exits from them and only wind or sleep occurred from the person or touching of the private part without a barrier (i.e. clothing) or eating camel meat, then sufficient for him is Wudhu; and it is the washing of the face and the two hands up to the elbows and wiping of the head and ears and washing the two feet including the ankles, and it is not legislated for him to make Istinjaa in this situation since nothing from urine or faeces or anything else which takes the ruling – exited from him. So if only urine exited from him, then it is sufficient for him to wash the tip of his penis from urine and it is not legislated for him to wash the back passage if nothing exits from it, then he makes the Wudhu for the Salah, as has preceded. And entering into the washing of the face is the Madhmadha (rinsing and gargling of the mouth) and the Istinshaaq (inhaling of water up the nose). And Allah is Walee’ul Tawfeeq.

Shaykh `Abdul-`Azeez Bin Baz
at-Tahaarah was Salah Vol.1/Page No.23 Dar al-Aathaar/Dar al-Baseerah
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