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Sunday 25 February 2024  
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The statements of the Muhaddith of Madeenah concerning our times
The following are quotes by Shaikh Hammaad concerning our times;
  • Indeed this time of ours is a time of disobedience and insubordination to Allaah The Mighty and Majestic.

  • Indeed this time of ours is a time which sees the degradation of knowledge; and that is since anyone who desires to become an author or write a piece of knowledge can write and distribute – and the reason why some of the people have been driven into such an action is the absence of the awe for knowledge as well as the ‘Ulamaa in their hearts.

  • Indeed in this time the awakening (recovery of consciousness) is mentioned in it, yet it is not an awakening – but merely negligence of knowledge and seeking after it.

  • This time that we are in is disorderly/restive, and that is in a new and overwhelming way – we did not used to know of it before.

  • Enthusiasm and earnestness in this time has been fallen short in with regards to what the Salaf were upon, yet the knowledge is present – however it requires men who would study the Book and the Sunnah all night long and throughout the day.

  • I call this time a time of Mashaakil (problems)

  • This time that we are in there have appeared in it some people who have purchased the Hadeeth of the Messenger (Sallalaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) for a menial price.

  • Indeed the knowledge will depart; so it is obligatory upon the people that they benefit from the Scholars that are present today – before THEY go, and upon the youth is to keep out of that which does not concern them.

  • It is obligatory upon the student of knowledge that he studies the biographies of the Salaf – and follows them. For indeed this time of ours has been put to trial through lack of studying the biographies of the Salaf in it.

  • Indeed the people today seek knowledge for mere profit, yet those who seek knowledge truthfully are such few.

  • Indeed this time is a perilous time; since two things have become dominant in it:

    1. A rareness of those that are Al-Mutafaqqiheen (those that comprehend), and (a rareness of) the people of Fiqh in this time.

    2. The appearance of a large group of people who are parasitical upon knowledge, and they are the ones that the Prophet (Sallaallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) informed of in a hadeeth in Al-Bukhaaree when he said: ((the people will take the ignorant as their heads, and they will give verdicts without knowledge – and so lead themselves astray and lead others astray))

  • Indeed the fifteenth century (after Hijrah) had been spoken about by the Scholars – before its advent; and they told of the immense Fitan (trials) that would occur therein.

Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaaree
Majmoo' fee tarjumah Hamaad Al-Ansaaree volume 2 pages (in order of quote): 585,585,583,582,582,578,577,575,574,573,563,683
Translated by Aboo Haatim Muhammad Farooq
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