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Sunday 25 February 2024  
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The 'Aqeedah As-Salafiyyah being spread again after centuries of misguided beliefs
Indeed this (Saudi) state has great excellence by way of knowledge and the Scholars, for it has disseminated the knowledge of the Salaf both internally and externally (internationally) so ,jazaahumullaahu khair (may Allaah reward them with all good). For if an individual were to examine the world today, he would not find those who serve knowledge the like of them. So the like of Africa where most of the people are Ashaa’irah Kulaabiyyah, and India where they are Hanafee Maatureediyyah, and in Yemen where they are Mu’tazilah Zaidiyyah – and these three are what form the majority of people today. So the Hanafee Maatureedees took the lions share/portion* in terms of numbers and expansion, and this was because they themselves were in rule – by way of the Ottoman Empire. Therefore knowledge, and from it is ‘Aqeedah always follows the state, and so without the state there is no knowledge. For indeed the reason for the deviation of the people away from the ‘Aqeedah As-Salafiyyah is these sects.

When the Hanafees took up administration during the time of the Abbasid state – they began distorting the ‘Aqeedah As-Salafiyyah and distancing it from the masses, and so altering it with the ‘Aqeedah of the Al-Mu’tazilah Al-Jahmiyyah. Whilst the ‘Aqeedah before them had always been ‘Aqeedah As-Salafiyyah pure and clear.

*Since the lion has the reputation of getting the biggest share of the prey. [Translators note]

Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaaree
Majmoo' fee Tarjumah Hammaad al-Ansaaree, volume 2, page 583
Translated by Aboo Haatim Muhammad Farooq
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