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Wednesday 24 July 2024  
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There is no Objection to Citing Legal Judgements

There is a teacher who is asked for legal rulings by his students and he has reasonably good knowledge. He is not qualified to give legal rulings, but he has heard the answers given by some reliable scholars to questions similar to those which he is asked. Is it therefore permissible for him to answer his students using these rulings, or is it necessary for him to attribute them to those who gave them?

If one who is unable to formulate legal judgements is asked, and he has memorized the rulings of reputable scholars, there is no objection for him to cite such rulings for them, but he should not attribute them to himself; instead, he should say: I heard about so and so ruling such and such, so long as he has memorized them perfectly, without doubt. And Allaah is the Granter of success.

Shaykh `Abdul-`Azeez Bin Baz
Fatawa Islamiyah, vol.1, p.370, DARUSSALAM
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