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Friday 24 May 2024  
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The Name "Ashiq-Allaah" (One who Passionately Loves Allaah)

"Ashiq-Allaah" (One who Passionately Loves Allaah) Muhammad-Allaah and Muhib-Allaah (Lover of Allaah) - some people are called by these names; is this permissible?

Calling oneself or somebody else by the name "Ashiq-Allaah" involes bad manners; however, there is no harm in naming someone by the other two names, even though it is better to name somebody by their true relation to Allaah: 'Abdullaah (servant of Allaah), or simply by such names Muhammad, Saalih or Ahmad.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts

Fatawa Islamiyah, vol.8, p.210, DARUSSALAM
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