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Wednesday 29 May 2024  
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Who should one go to gain knowledge

What advise can be given to the brother who go to the people of Bidah / innovation to gain knowledge taking from them what is Saheeh and rejecting that which is weak /fabricated when they do not have the ilm / knowledge of the Deen?

Answer: The student of knowledge are of two types of people:

1. The first type is the one who has not been blessed with the tools or the utensils to qualify or to distinguish the Truth (haqq) from the falsehood (batil). Concerning this person, whoever fits this description or characteristic, then this person should only take his knowledge from the Ulema / Scholars of the Sunnah who are well known for their scholastic aptitude and their abilities. This is because that person may lead you astray because you do not know what is being said or the sources.

2.The second type of person is the Talib or the student who has the ability, has knowledge of the Sunnah and he knows what he is doing and he has been qualified and possesses those tools and utensils to know the truth from falsehood.If this person wants to learn from a particular person who has some kind of deviance or innovation in him, this student who has knowledge, and is qualified in a particular knowledge of Hadeeth, then he is allowed to do so but he must be careful. A scholar of the past Ibn Qudamah made a statement concerning Abad Ibn Yaqoob "The man who is thiqah (trustworthy) in his narration,(he was reliable in his narration in transmitting the Hadeeth) but he has a problem or deviation in his religion. The second proof is from Imaam Bukhari who cited many people who have problems in their religion and narrated upon people, so he said if you have the ability to do so than it is alright.

Shaykh `Abdus Salaam al-Burjis
Audio Tape:Treading the Path of Knowledge Shaikh Abdus Salaam al Barjis Birmingham 1996. Article reference: SCL020007
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Seeking Knowledge

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