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Wednesday 24 July 2024  
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I Want to Wear the Hijaab But...
In the name of Allah and all praise is due to Allah and peace and blessing upon our messenger Muhammad, his family, companion and whoever follows his guidance and as for what proceeds. The Hijaab is one thing and the mannerisms of the girls that wear the hijaab is something else. Do not confuse the two. The legislated hijaab is a command from Allah azza wa jalla. Just because you seen bad manners from the girls that wear hijaab, then there is no connection or link between the girls that wear the hijaab and the command of the hijaab with the text of the words of Allaah, and the words of his Messenger peace and blessing upon him. So you have no connection with their bad character rather wear the hijaab and show good character and good cooperation and you will be a role model by the permission of Allaah in guiding and directing your sisters that wear the hijaab to good manners. It is upon you firstly to respond to the command of Allaah and the command of his Messenger and implementing the commandment in dress, mannerisms, character, acts of worship and believes all of it, may Allaah grant everyone success .
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