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The Ruling on Marrying a Jewish or Christian Woman

Does Islam permit marriage to a Jewish or Christian woman when a Muslim man lives in a Christian country and needs someone to help him in his life and fears that he will go astray (i.e., commit sin)?

It is permissible to marry a Jewish or Christian woman, if she is a Muhsanah (i.e., chaste) and not immoral, because Allaah has imposed the condition that they be Muhsanat. So if the Jewish or Christian woman is known to be chaste and far removed from the means immorality, it is permissible, because Allaah has allowed that, permitting for us their women and their food. However, in these times, much evil is feared for those who marry them, because they might call him to their religion and it could cause his children to become Christians; so the danger is great, therefore it is safer for the believer not to marry her. And also because she is not safe in herself in most cases from committing immoral acts and from the children of others (which she bears) being attributed to him (the husband). Therefore, it is safest for him even if it appears that she is not of immoral character and that she is a Muhsanah not to marry her and to strive to the utmost of his ability to marry a believing Muslim woman. However, if he is in need of this, there is no objection to it, so that he may thereby remain chaste and avert his glance and (he should) strive to call her to Islam, and avoid the evil of her, and her drawing him or his children toward disbelief.

Shaykh `Abdul-`Azeez Bin Baz
Fatawa Islamiyah Vol. 5 Page 293
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