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Tuesday 05 March 2024  
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Radio and Tape Recorders

Is it sanctioned in Islam to use a tape-recorder, especially when one is listening to the Quraan or to something else that does not go against the rules of the Shariah? What is the ruling regarding listening to the radio to hear news? And what is the difference between the radio and the tape-recorder?

If you listen to the radio or to a tape-recorder for the purpose of hearing an Islamic lecture or the recitation of the Quraan, then this is not only permissible, but it is also commendable. But if it is used to listen to music, to falsehood, or to evil speech, then of course that is forbidden. Sometimes, though, radio stations air both - good and evil - and in this situation if the evil is equal or more then the good, it is also forbidden.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts
Fatawa Islamiyah Vol. 8 Page 175
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