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Friday 24 May 2024  
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The ruling on prayer in the streets due to extreme crowding

Is the person who offers the Jumu'ah prayer outside of the Masjid - in the streets for example - considered present at Jumu'ah, even though the angels are at the doors of the Masjids writing down those who attend coming first in sequential order? Also, what about the consideration that whoever prays outside the Masjid misses the (reward of) Tahiyyatul-Masjid prayer, (the reward of) staying in the Masjid, listening to the Khutbah (sermon) and usually their rows (for prayer) are not made straight?

Yes, whoever offers the Jumu'ah prayer outside of the Masjid - in the streets for example - is considered present for Jumu'ah, as long as his prayer (salah) precisely follows the prayer of his imam. However, his reward is not like the reward of the person who prays inside the Masjid, and particularly those who pray in the first rows. The angels write down his coming early, according to the hour in which he comes before the Khatib (the one who gives the Khutbah) ascends the pulpit (Minbar). This is because this is included in the generality of the Hadith that has been related concerning this. The consideration in the Hadith is the attendance and not his being inside of the Masjid. His reward is decreased based upon the amount of time that he missed from the hours of waiting for the prayer, whatever the amount of time he missed of listening to the Khutbah and what occurs of not straightening the rows, and Allah knows best. May Allah send blessings and peace upon our prophet Muhammad.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts
Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol.3, p.g 32,33, DARUSSALAM.
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