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Saturday 20 April 2024  
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Placing a Wreath(crown, corona, ie crown of flowers) on a Grave

:Is placing a wreath on a grave of a unknown Soldier equal to aggrandizing the Awliya and pious people to the point of worshipping ?

This practice is a innovation, and excess in terms of revering the dead, and it is similar to the practice of those who over-rever pious people. It is feared that this practice may lead to building domes above their graves, seeking their blessing, and their taking them for gods besides Allah, Glorious is He. This practice should be stopped lest it lead to Shirk. May Allah exalt the mention of our Prophet Muhammed, his household, and companions and render them safe from evil.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts

Fatwa Islamiyah Vol 1 p29
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