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Friday 12 August 2022  
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When do we say that a common person is not a Salafee?
The common person, like the average raafidhee, or the average soofee, or their likes from the people of partisanship, if he affirms their ideas and he follows them, befriending people for their sake, and opposing the Salafees for example, then he is from them.

But if he is not active (doing the aforementioned), and he is a person who accepts the Truth, then he is to be advised and taught the Salafee manhaj. There should be no rush in judging him. But if he is active with them and accepts their ideas as I have mentioned, then he is from them.

Other than this, the ordinary person who does not understand what they are on, the one who holds no animosity or stance against the Salafee methodology, such a person should be dealt with patiently, taught, and advised. There should be no rush in judging him.

Shaykh Rabee` bin Haadee
SOURCE This was translated exclusively for from a cassette recording with the knowledge and permission of the shaykh, file no. AARM001, dated 1423/7/23.
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