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Saturday 20 April 2024  
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The Reality of Elections

“what is the reality of elections?”

If someone asks you: “what is the reality of elections?”

Say: It is from the democratic systems that seek to wipe away Allaah’s true Laws. It is also an imitation of the disbelievers, and it is not permissible to imitate them. There are many dangers that can be found in elections and not one single benefit or advantage for the Muslims. From the most significant of its dangers is that it makes an equal balance between the truth and falsehood as well as the truthful one and the false one, all in accordance to what the majority holds. It also neglects loyalty and disloyalty (for the sake of Allaah). It also tears apart the unity of the muslims and instead places enmity, hatred, partisanship and fanaticism between them, not to mention fraud, deception, trickery, dishonesty, wastage of time and wealth, the elimination of women’s chastity, and an unstable trust in the Islamic sciences and its people.

“Al-Mabaadee al-Mufeedah fit-Tawheedi wal-Fiqhi wal-‘Aqeedah” Basic Principles on the Subjects of Tawheed, Fiqh and ‘Aqeedah: Point 47 By Shaikh Yahyaa bin 'Alee Al-Hajooree Al.IBAANAH Book Publishing.
Translated by Abu Maryam Isma'eel Alarcon
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